Press Release: Steel Building Manufacturer Opens New Facility

Oct 26, 2010 | Company News

Texas, United States—October 21, 2010.  Despite a gloomy national economy, Absolute Steel  a manufacturer of steel building kits, recently  consummated its purchase of a 33,000 square foot facility in Terrell, Texas.

Absolute Steel’s steel building kits are in use throughout North America and the company is a contract supplier to the Federal government as well as the State of Texas. Founder and CEO, Dean Thomas claims that the company‘s move into the Texas plant was influenced heavily by studying Texas demographics. “We saw no reason to wait until the economy rebounds before making our move into Texas,” stated Mr. Thomas, “The demographics in Texas are just too good to ignore. We’ve been providing our steel building kits to Texans and the State of Texas for years—it was time to localize our efforts.”

The Texas factory features robotic welders, multiple piece benders and is capable of producing up to 50 garage sized steel building kits per day. Absolute Steel’s building system known as “America’s Easiest to Install Building System” is a tubular steel building system which is a breakthrough in construction simplicity; designed to use a minimum of modular components and easily assembled by unskilled labor with common tools.

“The Texas factory with its production capabilities and central US location will allow us to better serve our national market for our steel building kits,” states Mr. Thomas, “and focus better on the local demand for Texas steel building kits. Texans are frugal shoppers who want quality at the best price—we fit right in with their demands.”

About Absolute Steel: Founded in 1999 as Absolute Storage LLC dba Absolute Steel, the company went online in 2001. The company manufactures  steel building kits and other structures for government, private entities and the general public consumer.

Contact Info:

Dean Thomas, Founder & CEO
480 768 1618 ext 110
5806 East Mineral Road
Guadalupe, Arizona 85283