Construction & Installation


Absolute Steel Texas maintains relationships with many different professional installers who will erect your metal building or steel carport in most parts of Texas. For exact pricing you need to call our offices but you can estimate it’s going to run about 25% of the price of the metal building plus applicable mileage charges, if any.


Metal buildings and steel carports manufactured by Absolute Steel Texas are truly a breakthrough in construction simplicity. They are designed to use a minimum of components, most of them modular and interchangeable. They are easily assembled by inexperienced people with common tools. We make them that way for the do-it-yourselfer and also for the professional installers throughout the State of Texas who perform installations for our customers.

Features of an Absolute Kit:

  • Little to no lifting equipment required on most models—the heaviest component weighs slightly over 30 pounds.
  • No forklifts needed! Absolute Steel metal buildings are easy to install.
  • Our easy Slip-Joint main frame parts make assembly a snap!
  • We provide step-by-step instructions that have been perfected over years of experience and individually customized with drawings based upon your order.