Terms, Conditions, and Policies

Customer Service

At Absolute Steel we have only one objective and that’s to have satisfied customers. Through all the years we’ve been in this business and all the customers, both residential and commercial that we’ve serviced with our metal buildings, carports, covered parking systems and portable buildings, we know we get that by offering superlative service and a quality product at a competitive price.

Believe it or not, we’re not a company that has a customer service department. That’s because every department or activity at Absolute Steel has to have customer service in mind and acts accordingly. We don’t take shortcuts in the steel we use, the way we fabricate our steel products and we sure don’t take shortcuts in the people who work here. Every person who works at Absolute Steel Texas knows they have a vested interest in your satisfaction.

In some cases we’re working on sixth generation residential referrals and many of our commercial accounts have been with us for more than ten years. So it seems our simple, straightforward philosophy is about all it takes to be a leader in our industry.

Please look over some of our clientele and see for yourself.

We’d love to have you as a customer and will treat you accordingly.

Our Guarantee

We offer the best warranty in the business.

Our frame systems have a lifetime warranty and the steel panels we use have a paint warranty against fading, chalking or peeling for 20, 30 and even 40 years depending upon which panels you select.

Refund Policy

Of course we want you to follow through with your purchase with us but sometimes things happen in life that you can’t control and they can happen after you’ve begun the purchase process with us. Realize that after you place your order we start to work on it and a part of that is the panels and trim which are specially cut in different lengths and they typically have their own unique colors as well.

This presents a problem that we didn’t create and while we understand life’s curve balls, the following policy is how we handle refunds:

If you contact us before the panels and trim are underway and before your frame is constructed, you will be refunded 90% of the purchase price you paid to us. Bear in mind this is just enough to cover our internal costs in the transaction.

If you notify us after the panels and trim are underway or the frame system is fabricated or packed for installation or delivery, there is a 30% charge against what you have paid to date.

Important Note: It is not possible for us to give you an exact number of days on any of the refund schedules described above. That’s because production of the materials for your metal building, carport, covered parking system or portable building is varied based upon the time of year. During winter when we’re not quite so busy, you’ve got to act fast in notifying us. During other times of the year, you could be okay notifying us within 10 days of placing your order.

There are no exceptions to our refund policy.

Local Purchases

We require a minimum of a 50% deposit at the time of purchase. The balance is due before the structure leaves our property. “Leaving the property” means when the installer picks it up for you, when you pick it up, or in the case of a pre-arranged delivery, before its loaded on the delivery truck or trailer.


Please review our shipping policy here.