Barndominium Options & Styles

Sierra Style

Sierra Style kit home
  • A classic home kit design.
  • Vertically-oriented exterior wall and roof panels.
  • Distinctive design.
  • Superior runoff for rain and snow.
  • View our Sierra kit floor plans.

Mohave Style

Mohave Kit Home
  • Best suited for areas with deep winter snows.
  • Steep roof lines shed snow easily.
  • This style is suggested if you are building in the high country, or heavy-snow regions.
  • Extra storage space up above the living areas on some floor plans.
  • See our Mohave kit floor plans.

Gambrel Style

Gambrel Style Building
  • Featuring the traditional Gambrel style signature roof design.
  • The Gambrel design, also called Dutch hip or Dutch gambrel – makes for an ideal cabin.
  • The steeply sloping roof sheds snow with ease.
  • The extra space gained by the steep roof makes for a great loft or storage area.
  • See our Gambrel kit floor plans.

Easily Complete Your Kit House or Cabin

Your home kit includes:

  • The steel frame. Your kit is shipped in a manageable bundle that can fit on a small trailer, or in the bed of a larger pick up truck.
  • Exterior walls.
  • Complete roof
  • Simple and complete instructions.

Easy to Assemble

Your kit home’s finished shell can be put together by as few as two people, with little or no prior construction experience and using common tools! This means YOU can do it, whether you build yourself or act as an owner/builder using local tradesmen and contractors.

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