Simplify Hunting Season with a New Absolute Steel Texas Metal Building

Aug 24, 2020 | Metal Building Kit Industry News

In many ways, 2020 will be remembered as the year when all our dependable routines and pleasurable activities were canceled. Sporting events, carnivals, movies, family gatherings – mostly cancelled. Fortunately, there is still one seasonal event that will not be canceled this year: hunting seasons are upon us. Even now, corn feeders and salt licks are being placed in the fields. Hunters are using spotting scopes and binoculars to spy on the trails and habitats of game animals in preparation for coming encounters.

As enjoyable as the preparations are, no one is going to complain if you can find a way to simplify the process of getting out into the field or up into the deer stand. You still have time this year to add a new facet to your hunting routine, one that will surely be remembered as a great idea that will last perpetually. You can purchase and assemble a new Absolute Steel Texas building kit to use as your base camp or hunting supply cache.

To clarify for our non-Texas friends, around here we don’t have the public lands to hunt on like you might find in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, etc.  Here in Texas, if the land isn’t a state or national park, it’s probably owned by a cattleman.  So hunters here may either own or lease hunting spots to use year after year.  With this, it makes sense to install a small steel building to use as a base camp, or just for equipment storage.

Benefits of a Metal Building

What’s it like just before the first day of hunting season? All your gear is accumulated and packed into your vehicle for transport to the site. When you arrive, the excitement of the coming dawn is muted by the last-minute preparations. Perhaps you find yourself pitching a tent at night with inadequate lighting conditions. In the morning, you suddenly remember what it feels like to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag. Just as you’re ready to head for the stand or to shelter yourself and watch for game, you realized there was one critical thing you forgot.

On the other hand, what if you arrived the night before the first hunt at a sturdy, weather-proof, completely secure steel building? Inside were cots and storage bins with all the gear your brought out and stored a week or so before the big day, giving you the chance to retrieve any forgotten items before they were needed. Perhaps you pulled out the portable generator you kept inside the building, fired it up, and turned on the interior lights while you finished your preparations, just before getting a good night’s sleep and waking up early and ready.

Just to build upon that idea, suppose you arrived pulling a trailer with a couple of four-wheelers. You have a carport on the side of the building so that while you are riding through the woods, your truck and trailer are protected from the elements. Not to jinx things, but suppose there comes a torrential downpour. When you get back to your campsite, you don’t have to crawl in your vehicle to warm up and dry off. Moreover, when the hunt is over, you don’t have to strike a wet tent. Instead, you can get into the building, changed into some dry clothes, and take a nap. Tomorrow will be another day for hunting.

The DIY Metal Building from Absolute Steel Texas

For more than 20 years, Absolute Steel Texas has been supplying prefabricated metal building kits for those who want to add storage sheds, garages, workshops, and barns to their property. Not everybody feels comfortable assembling a metal building themselves. For this reason, Absolute Steel Texas keeps close contact with a number of installers who have the same precision work ethic that the company does.

Absolute Steel Texas has design engineers who listen attentively to the specific needs of their clients so they can incorporate the desires and options of the client into the design of each building. It’s worth it to cruise their website to get a look at the many different buildings, the array of colors and trims, and the unique designs that are available. Another benefit of the engineering design team is their familiarity with the various codes and regulations that must be followed when creating and installing the building kit. From simple carports to workshops, garages, RV and boat covers, barns and cabins, and other dwellings, the expertise and experience of the engineering and fabricating crews reveal their deep desire to meet the design needs of their clients precisely.

Those of us who have spent some time in the field getting ready for dove, duck, or deer season have all had the experience of sleeping in abandoned supply cabins, run-down barns, and dilapidated farmhouses. This will not be the case with a bunkhouse, shop, or cabin built by Absolute Steel Texas. Their structures are rustproof and have withstood all manner of storms and temperature extremes. In a nutshell, putting up an Absolute Steel Texas storage building is a once and done affair. The building will endure and be ready for you for countless hunting season to come.

A Word About Absolute Steel Texas Quality

Absolute Steel is indeed a Texas company. They use only American made steel and fabricate all their materials here in Texas. As a client of this business, you’ll be in good company. Absolute Steel Texas has provided steel structures for the US Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force. All of their work and materials are backed by the industry’s best warranties: 20 years on the steel framework and 20 to 40 years on the steel paneling. As noted on the website, the company’s steel buildings have withstood Hurricane Katrina, Canadian winters, and actual exposure in salt mines. As tough as Texas weather might become, it will be no match for your new metal cabin.

A visit to the website will also give you the opportunity to check out the great variety of buildings for which they have kits available. It may inspire you to consider other structures that you’ve been thinking about. After all, there are places where you spend a lot more time and have many more storage and staging needs than at the hunting site.


The greatest difficulty associated with hunting is getting out to the field or the stand and being ready to commence on the first day. Assembling a DIY metal storage building or cabin allows a secure site for storage and staging. So, when dawn rolls around that first day, you’ll be ready.