Gambrel Barn Style Metal Building Kit

Is a barn-like style more what you’re looking for? Do you like a roomy feel with lots of headroom? A gambrel-style building just might be the answer.

Practicality and Charm

The roof is what sets apart the gambrel style building from other styles.  Also called Dutch Hip or Dutch Gambrel, it has been popular for hundreds of years because the way that the style maximizes headroom and sloughs off snow in winter.

The roof is symmetrical and slopes on both sides. The pitch of the upper slope is less steep than that of the lower slope. What that means for you is a roomy feel to the interior.

Do you want an upper area for storage, an office or sleeping space? This is the style to choose. The gambrel design is as close as we get to a building with two stories.

If you want an upper deck, the basic prices listed do not include the steel framing needed. But they can be specially ordered with no problem, just talk to your Absolute Steel representative.

If you plan to build in an area with snow in winter, this is an excellent choice. The slope ensures that the roof sheds the snow easily. That makes this model practical if you plan to use it for winter recreation. Or if you don’t use the cabin during winter, you can relax. You don’t need to be around to get rid of the snow that collects on the roof.

Rustic, Classic Looks

Though people think of barns when they see the roof, the style has long been used for homes, schools, and other many types of buildings. Even the first Harvard House at Harvard University had a gambrel roof, back in 1677.

The basic style originated in Southeast Asia. Seafarers brought it back to the Americas and Europe in the 17th Century. Colonists appreciated the high headroom and adapted the look for their needs in barns, homes and other structures.

Interior Space Planning 

Absolute Steel manufactures 4500 standard sizes in every style of building we manufacture; that’s a lot of choices. We do not provide interior designs or interior components for our steel buildings; Absolute Steel is providing you with the complete exterior shell only.  If you’re using one of our buildings for residential purposes the following illustrates some sample floor plans:

Absolute Steel Makes It Possible 

It’s the dream of many do-it-yourselfers to construct their own building. But is it feasible? Can a husband and wife with a few tools really put it together?

Yes and it has been proven thousands of times.  Since 1999, people have been building their dreams and making them come true with Absolute Steel. With these steel building kits that have full plans and all the materials needed, people just like you have been constructing our buildings without a hitch. Your building kit comes with complete and well-illustrated written instructions and our YouTube channel has every installation step on its own video so you can access any step easily and quickly—even from the jobsite on your cell phone.

You can trust Absolute Steel. We manufacture what we sell. You don’t go through a middleman. Buy from Absolute Steel, and you deal directly with the source.

Every building kit we sell includes the exterior frame system, the trim and exterior panel packages. We offer a variety of color options so you can choose the look you want. You can use your own floor plan design, or choose one of ours.

Absolute Steel makes it easy for do-it-yourselfers. Using everyday tools and basic knowledge, you can build assemble our steel frame system with a limited construction background.

The kits use slip-joint connections that ensure simple assembly. This ensures that the connections on the final structure are smooth and strong. The building you put together is durable and sturdy.

You can also hire a contractor to do the assembly. With our materials and instructions, he can produce a quality structure quickly.

That saves you money.