• Absolute Steel Bardominiums
    Combo Living and Work Quarters

  • Absolute Steel Bardominiums
    Finished barndominiums from as low as $40 P.S.F.

  • Absolute Steel Bardominiums
    100% American Steel

Texas Barndominium Specialists:
DIY Barndominium Building Kits, or
Full Service Planning, Design, and Construction Services

FINISHED and COMPLETE Barndominiums for as low as $40 psf*.

* $40 psf for finished barndominiums is DIY or owner/builder only. Turnkey or finished pricing will depend on your selected land location, building size and options, finishes, labor, etc. With that, $40 psf is a reasonable expectation and has been achieved numerous times by our customers in many areas of Texas.

There’s no better time to start living in your dream home. Enjoy a quality finished living experience, and have your work space immediately adjoining.
Convenience and affordability at its best.

Barndominium Interior


Barndominiums with beautiful finished interiors designed to your specifications.

Barndominium Bathroom


From an empty bare lot through to a completely finished barndominium…

Barndominium Kitchen


…we take your dreams and ideas and make them a reality.

Some of our Barndominum Projects

Barndominium Project Options:

1. DIY Shell Building Kits

Since 1999, Absolute Steel has been manufacturing and selling a wide range of steel frame buildings, including barndominiums. The building kit delivered to the job site, for DIY construction, is the core of our business, and is how 95% of our customers order their buildings.

With a DIY kit, you basically act as an owner/builder or your own general contractor. You handle the subcontractors, making sure they do their respective trade. Of course, any of those tasks you do yourself saves you even more. Most all past customers who have gone the DIY route are into their finished barndominium for about $40 per square foot.

We provide the steel frame with door and window frameouts, metal panels, and hardware right to your job site. Depending upon location, we can furnish you with experienced installers who can provide you with a finished shell building. Whether you use someone to install our building kit or not, the DIY or owner/builder kit is by far the most cost effective way to finish your barndominum.

2. Turn-key & Fully Custom Built for You

In most of Texas, through an arrangement with established & experienced home builders, you can have turnkey construction of your barndominium; a finished home. That’s a finished barndominium from floor to roof. Your only job is to select the interior layout and finishes you want.

We have earned a reputation for the quality of our materials, excellent customer service, integrity and reliability. We aren’t middlemen. We are the manufacturers of the steel frame system and other quality structures we offer. When you have questions or concerns, you know exactly where to reach us. We’re proud to offer the best warranty in the business.

The Full Service Turn-Key Process:

Our reason for existence is to ensure the process is easy for you.

  • Preparing a floor plan with a rough estimate of your costs.

    You work with a general contractor to design a plan that best meets your budget, your needs, and your dreams.

  • Securing the financing for your new home

    Through your lender, or a lender in the builder’s network, they assist you in securing the right financing.

  • Finishing the plans & acquiring the necessary building permits

    Your contractor/builder handles all the details. He will walk your new plans through from concepts to final approved permits.

  • Final construction and design of your dream barndominium!

    From breaking ground all the way through the final walk-through with you your contractor works with you!

How it Works:

Initial Conversation

Your barndominium begins with an easy discussion. For full service turn-key, you will work with a general contractor to put on paper an initial design and plan. If you need financing, that’s when you would start that process. If the DIY route is for you, you simply tell us what length, width, and height you want your building. Choose panel colors, window and door locations, along with any other custom details you want. We then build it, pack it, and ship it right to you (or save and pick up yourself) or an installer will bring it out when he comes.

Start with the initial consultation

Site Visit

The contractor will visit you on the site where your barndominium is to be located. You will discuss location, foundation, access, permitting, and other details impacting your project. NOTE: This step is for full service only.

Site visit and generate plans

Barndominium Construction

This is the best part! If you are taking advantage of our full services, your contractor builds your new barndominium for you. The builder will take care of everything from site preparation to construction to interior finishing. When your new barndominium is finished it will be unique to you and something you will be proud to live in. If you are DIY, you can begin the build by installing your new building kit. We provide detailed and easy-to-follow instructions (remember, we’ve been doing this almost 20 years – you’re in good hands). In some cases, we can arrange installation of your building kit if you need.

Barndominium construction

Texas made with American steel and proud of it

Frame Warranty
Panel Warranty
We are NOT simply a seller of barndominiums, we MANUFACTURE them right here in our Texas facility and use only high quality U.S. Steel. Your frame system and exterior paneling are ENGINEERED EASY to install, and will hold up to the toughest elements for years to come. All frames and exterior panels come with ROCK SOLID WARRANTIES too.

The Texas… Barndominium

Barndominiums are growing in numbers and popularity, and it makes sense. As the name suggests a barndominium is a hybrid between a home and a barn. It does not necessarily mean you share space with the farm animals, although we’ve built some for horse people who had their horses downstairs or in a separate portion.

Barndominium advantages

It’s a Solid Investment

Lower Cost

Barndominium construction costs can be substantially less than traditional wood frame construction – as low as $40 PSF in many cases. Steel framing and steel panel exteriors are cost effective; it’s why they’re used for shops and barns.

Easy, Stress-Fee Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is very minimal with a steel building. Our exterior metal panels can come with a 45 year warranty on the paint against fading, chalking or peeling. You won’t get that with conventional construction, instead you’ll be painting it every 7 years or so.

Incredibly Short Commute Times

Since a barndominium is a combo of living and work space, you’ll have plenty of space for both. Imagine no commute times, no traffic, more available time for you. Save money on gas, lessen the stress on you and your vehicles by driving less.

Fire & Weather Resistance

The steel paneling provides protection from embers spread during wildland fires, or when a neighboring structure is burning, thus giving your home a much higher protection rating that you would get with wood construction. The panels and frame come with warranties of 20-45 years (depending on panels chosen) against fading and chalking from the weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Absolute Steel barndominiums are made entirely of steel which contains as much as 67% recycled steel. Additionally all the materials found in an Absolute Steel building are 100% recyclable. You’ll find steel to be pest resistant and practically paint free. That puts an end to pesticides and paint fumes which is good for the environment and you.

Easy. Just Easy.

When you take advantage of our full service barndominium design and construction services, you don’t have to worry about the details. Our job is to reduce, or remove, the stresses normally associated with home buying and building.

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