SofTop Shade Canopy Kit

Mar 19, 2020 | Company News

If you own or operate a carwash you know the importance of providing shade & shelter for the employees and for your customer’s vehicle. And providing that for your outside lounge/waiting areas is appreciated by customers and therefore, should be considered as well. All this is especially true on those hot afternoons when you have the busiest times. To get the best finish on the vehicle and keep a cool head while cleaning vehicle interiors, you need shade. That’s what Absolute Steel’s SofTop Shade Canopy Kit provides you with – SHADE. And we get the job done with a modest capital expenditure and no compromise of quality.

SofTop Shade Canopy Kit Basics

The canopy kit comes in two sizes — 12-by-12 feet, and 18-by-20 feet. Both are cable-tensioned shade systems that are a breeze to set up. The galvanized tubular steel frame is protected by multiple layers of clear coat applied over the galvanized steel. This gives it a superior rust resistance. As a source manufacturer we only trust the integrity of the structural steel supplied to us by American mills. Why? It’s American; we can trust the specifications of it. Our SofTop Canopy. Kits offer fantastic sun protection, blocking 85% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, so it’s popular in recreational settings — for barbecues, pools, patios, playgrounds, and more. But the SofTop is really a cost-effective way to protect outside work environments such as a carwash team detailing upscale automobiles.

What Colors Can I Pick?

The frame system for the SofTop is provided only in galvanized steel but you can apply high-quality metal paint and primer for a custom touch. You’ll need to choose your canopy color, though, and the two choices are neutral tan or a vibrant “nautical blue.”

How Hard is it to Put Up?

We’ve got a patent pending on our “Strong Arm” corner brackets that make installation and canopy tension adjustments a cinch. All you need is a wrench to pull the canopy tight. In fact, it’s so easy to erect that we’ve received thank-you letters from single moms who’ve said “the SofTop was one of the easiest projects I’d ever done.”

What Are You Waiting For?

At your carwash, details matter. You know wax is best buffed off in the shade. When tackling vehicle interiors, hot sunny days make the work gruelling. These take a toll on your staff and can affect job performance. With the SoftTop, work will be more pleasant and you’ll get more out of your employees with protection from UV-rays and rain. With an installation this easy, all you need is space and you’ll be ready to take cover.

Whatever information you need, we’re here to talk. Call us today to learn more or place your order today.