The Gardet Barndominium – 1950 SF

$34,817.00 ($17.85 PSF)

The Gardet barndominium kit includes 1600 SF of living space plus a 350 SF front porch, for a grand total of 1950 square feet for this shell kit. Includes garage door frame-out so that you can make the perfect work or storage space.

  • 1,950 square feet
  • $17.85 PSF

Product Description

32′ Wide x 50′ Long x 12′ Eave Height (17′-4″ Peak) Sierra Building

  • 1,600 square feet of living space
  • [3:12 pitch]
  • Includes:
    • (2) – 3630 window frame-outs
    • (2) – 4636 window frame-outs
    • (1) – 3030 window frame-out
    • (1) – 2030 window frame-out
    • (3) – 6036 window frame-outs
    • (1) – 3068 pedestrian door frame-out
    • (1) – 6068 eave-side double pedestrian door frame-out
    • (1) – 9’W x 7’H eave-side garage door frame-out

Porch Area:

  • 35′ Wide x 10′ Deep x 9′-8″ Eave Lean-To Porch
  • 350 SF
  • [3:12 pitch]

Garage or Storage:

The Gardet includes frame out for a roll up door. See pics, and see “Floor Plans” tab above. It would be up to you to determine how much area that you want to devote to the garage/storage/work area. You can run that wall all the way to the rear of the building, or make that a simple little storage area. You can also choose to omit the garage door and use that for additional living space.

The Gardet Kit Includes:

  • Complete frame system as described above, ready for assembly
  • All wall and roof panels
  • Complete trim package
  • Kit does not include doors & windows, or any interior components. Shell kit only.

Package Price:

  • $17.85 PSF
  • $34,817 total before tax


The Gardet plan can be customized. Please inquire.

Note: This is a shell kit footprint plan only. Kit does not include interior buildout.

The Gardet barndominium footprint

Background Information

If you live in an incorporated municipality or town in Texas, chances are you will be required to get a building permit to build a metal building or steel carport on your property. Obtaining a permit usually requires engineered plans. In some instances they will be satisfied with a permit fee and drawings only—unstamped and unsealed by the engineer. If so, we’ll provide that at no charge at the time of your purchase.

Many times we have sold our steel buildings and carports to individuals who were required to obtain a permit but didn’t. They bought the Engineered System and built it according to our instructions, which will engineer, and documented the concrete footings and steel with a camera while the work was done. That way if they were later required to obtain a building permit, they had proper documentation on the items such as footings and those people then came back to us and bought the engineering and got their permit

If you are proceeding forward in this manner: Do not place your steel building or carport on your lot in violation of setbacks, distances from other buildings, etc. PUT IT IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Compliance with your local building department is your responsibility.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Once you have your engineered plans in-hand, you will usually need a site plan showing where you intend to build your metal building. Hand drawn is typically fine. We do not obtain permits for you. This would require a person traveling the State of Texas to pull this off and you would not be happy with the charges. Besides, you as a homeowner in your own town will be given far less hassles than a professional. It’s all about saving you money!

Cost & Ordering Plans

We have working relationships with engineers, licensed in 48 states, that are familiar with our buildings. We will be happy to provide you with a set of original plans, stamped and sealed by an engineer licensed in your state.

  • There is a fee of $1200 for carport structure plans, and $1400 for most of our metal building kits.
  • Barndominium engineered plans start at $1600 due to the complex and often custom nature of the barndominium buildings.

*Note  – We include one free revision with your purchase of Engineered Plans.  After the one free revision is used, we charge $100 per revision.

If you are intending to place the structure on “stepped elevations” due to site irregularity, the costs would increase somewhat. Please consult with your Absolute Steel representative for pricing if this is the case.

Before ordering engineering for your metal building in Texas, please consult your local building department’s requirements about lot line set-backs and distance from other structures on your property which is for fire department access in case of emergency.

We have no interest in you purchasing engineering if you can’t use it.

If you would like any further information on this layout, add any customizations, or otherwise need to speak to someone you may call or email.

NOTE: If you submit the form below, please make sure to tell us what barndominium plan you’re interested in.

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