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In season three of HGTV’s popular series “Fixer-Upper,” one home blew the barn doors off – literally. The “barndominium” was the talk of the season when the owners elected to convert a barn into a stunning five-bedroom family home with the help of Waco designers Magnolia Homes. Since then, people have had their eyes opened to all the potential that comes with a barndominium build.

Wait… What’s a Barndominium?

Originally, barndominiums were repurposed barns transformed into modern homes and live/work spaces. Today, that style has taken off, and barndominiums are the rage in kit homes.

With an Absolute Steel barndominium kit which includes your frame system and the exterior siding, you’ll be into it for $15 to $20 a square foot.  Customers are then taking this shell building and fleshing them out with fixtures and finishings that suit them. A finished barndominium can be as simple or as elaborate as the homeowner dreams.

The end result (and the final price tag) all depends on whether the homeowner is into a budget-friendly DIY butcher-block counter or wants something lush like Carrera marble. The average barndominium completed price falls in the range of about $55 per square foot for owner builders to around $125 or more per square foot for a hands-off general contractor job. The low end of that range is for the owner builder who stays on top of subcontractors/tradesmen thereby gettin’ ‘er done themselves.

Characteristics of Barndominiums

What’s so great about barndominiums is how flexible and unique they can be. That’s partly why viewers loved to hate the Fixer Upper home because the designers inexplicably put the kitchen upstairs with the dining room downstairs. After all, it’s their practicality and versatility that has barndominiums popping up all over America.

Some of what people love about them includes:

  • Cost, cost, and cost: they’re very economical.
  • The potential for high ceilings and bright, airy interiors
  • Metal construction is often considered tougher and more resilient than wood homes; little need to worry about pests gnawing on framing or dry-rot or mold taking hold. Moreover, today’s metal paint finishes last a lifetime and more—no more painting!
  • Larger structures can be adaptable to all kinds of lifestyles and needs, including home businesses
  • Likelihood of lower insurance rates due to storm- and fire-rated metal structures
  • Amazing strength-to-weight ratio that means sturdy builds but without hefty shipping costs of materials and massive foundations.
  • Effortless blending of modern amenities and conditions while keeping a rustic charm

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But What Does a Barndominium Look Like?

However you want it!  Whether you are required to obtain a building permit or not, Absolute Steel recommends full engineering so that is about the only design restriction  you might encounter.  There’s plenty of customizable aspects. Pick your color, choose your add-ons. The tough all-metal exterior is a standard attribute, but not all metal cladding is equal. (And ours is industry-leading.)

Want a wrap-around porch ideal for a swing and some rocking chairs for those long summer nights? What about dormers, cathedral ceilings, Juliette balconies and more?  Big, tiny, tall, narrow, single-floor, multi-floor – it’s all down to what you want or need from the space.

It’s important to remember that you’re starting with a minimal design and you’ll need to give thought to things like what style of windows you want to install, and how many. Every addition adds to your price and the complexity of the build.

That said, you’re paying to get a home that’s exactly what you want, how you want.

See What Some of Our Customers Have Done.

Ranch Barndo Project (12 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (11 of 14)Barndominium Among the Trees (3 of 4)Red Roof Barndominium Frame (1 of 2)Ranch Barndo Project (5 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (9 of 14)Seirra-Style Barndominium with PatioBlue Roof BarndominiumBarndominium with Matching CarportRanch Barndo Project (6 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (1 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (3 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (7 of 14)Front view of a barndominium in TexasRanch Barndo Project (14 of 14)Red Roof Barndominium (2 of 2)Barndominium Among the Trees (2 of 4)Ranch Barndo Project (10 of 14)A smaller barndo...Ranch Barndo Project (8 of 14)Ranch Barndo Project (13 of 14)Texas BarndominiumBarndominium Among the Trees (4 of 4)Barndominium with Patio ShadeRanch Barndo Project (4 of 14)...with a fully functional economical kitchenRanch Barndo Project (2 of 14)

Absolute Steel Barndominiums? Absolutely!

We are not newcomers to this, Absolute Steel Texas has been putting out quality barndominiums all over Texas and beyond since 1999.

Making DIY-friendly kits delivered right to the build site is the core of what we do, and we’re excellent at it. Our staff is VERY knowledgeable—you’ll know that the minute you speak to them. We put our kits together in a way that makes sense for the DIYer. You’ll get the steel frame complete with door and window frame-outs, all the metal panels, and any accompanying hardware all sent right to where you plan to build the home. Or save a buck and havea the inswtaller pisk them up at our factory. And of course you’ll have well illustrated assembly instructions as well as access to our installation video library.

Our kit includes shell metal building with all window & doors frames & accompanying trim. If you’d like to keep building with steel, you can use steel studs for the interior walls which can be found at most any building supply store but if you’re a traditionalist, you can absolutely use wood studs for your interior walls.

Give us a call if you’re itching to know more about our barndominiums. And stay tuned, because we’ve got a lot to say on barndominiums and their infinite possibilities.

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Thinking of building your new building or carport?  Let’s talk.  We can manufacture small backyard DIY projects up to large custom commercial projects, and have been doing so for over 20 years.
Call us at (972) 524-1099 or stop by and see us!