Being an Owner / Builder

Kit houses are often constructed by people acting as “owner / builders.”

An owner / builder is an individual or a family who takes charge of the construction of their home. It’s an increasingly popular way to build your own house, guest house or cabin.

Rather than hire a general contractor to handle the whole project, as owner / builder you act as general contractor yourself. This means taking overall command of the project, and hiring sub-contractors to do specific parts of the job. Many owner / builders do some of the construction work themselves, but this isn’t a requirement.

Home, guest house and cabin kits from Absolute Steel are an owner / builder’s dream. For example, with a helper or two and common tools, you can have your new building’s exterior frame, siding and roof all in place, in just a few days.

  • You’ll save a handsome sum of money.
  • You’ll also have something else that very few can claim these days: you will have built the basic structure of your own house or cabin, with your own hands.
  • Special financing is also available to owner / builders in many areas.

If you’d like to learn more about being an owner / builder, here are a few links you’ll find helpful: