Disaster Relief Housing : Temporary to Permanent

Disaster Relief Housing

First Response Disaster Relief Housing: Age-Old Solution Meets Modern Technology & Spirited Innovation

At Absolute Steel, you have our respect, our shared commitment, and our ready support when assisting those in need with disaster relief housing.

Expanding upon our tubular steel building system – already in use throughout North America and around the globe – we have engineered a revolutionary new concept in disaster relief shelters. It is called Transitional Relief Housing.

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The Transitional Relief Housing Concept

The system’s purpose is twofold:

  • To provide a secure, low-cost, immediate response emergency relief shelter, and
  • To immediately transition into economical, practical permanent housing for survivors.
 Disaster relief housing
Above: A steel framed transitional relief shelter as initially deployed. The steel frame was assembled by two men in just over one hour. The canvas provides fast shelter.
Emergency relief housing made permanent
Above: The same transitional housing frame has been made into a permanent home with the use of locally available material. This is the same frame system as seen in the rapidly deployed shelter on the left.

 Rapid First Response Solution

Our system’s first-response solution is, at first glance, a tent.  But really, it is a steel-framed structure using a temporary exterior.

Permanent exteriors are merely awaiting the application of indigenous materials or in some models, a permanent steel panel roof can be applied immediately, thereby making the eventual transition to permanent quicker for the residents.

The basic frame structure is engineered and in most cases is of higher structural integrity than what was destroyed in the disaster. All are stable and sturdy, yet easily erected in just a few hours. Even by the unskilled, using common tools.

Meeting the Delivery Challenge

Transitional Relief ShelterSimplicity of set-up is a major advantage. But unless materials and tools can be delivered rapidly, even to remote and ravaged locations, that advantage is lost. But a transitional disaster relief structure from Absolute Steel is prepared for fast delivery.

  • All components of our emergency relief shelter system are packaged in compact, easily-transported bundles.
  • Each bundle contains a single, complete emergency relief housing unit.
  • The single-unit bundle is designed for high-density packing in standard shipping containers, for transfer to the disaster area.
  • Upon arrival, shipments are easily broken down into individual units, for transport to their final destinations.
  • From there, an individual kit can be transferred to the emergency site in the bed of a full-size pickup or a small trailer. This makes it easier and faster to get the housing right where it needs to be – no large equipment needed.
  • Then, each kit can be assembled by two people using basic tools.
Disaster relief housing delivered

Pictured Above: Our steel frame kits are easily stored for fast deployment. High-density packing requires minimal storage space.

Next Picture: A complete frame kit delivered on-site when needed.

Disaster relief housing ready when needed

Long-Term Relief

Once the most immediate and urgent needs have been met, attention can turn to the challenges of rebuilding.

But rather than tearing down and replacing their emergency relief shelters, survivors transition them into practical, comfortable new homes.

Tent or tarp fabric is replaced with steel panels – or wood, adobe or other locally-available materials. Improved flooring may be added, along with insulation, plumbing, power and other amenities, as circumstances allow.

None of the original work or materials go to waste.

Absolute Advantages

Warehousing & Transport

  • Interchangeable components = reduced manufacturing and inventory costs.
  • Compact packaging = maximum efficiency in storage, transport, distribution.
  • Design backed by years of shipping & logistics experience, both domestic and international.

Flat pack design

Easy assembly

  • Simple, illustrated instructions included with each kit.
  • Color-coded, slip-together connections make assembly simple – even for those with no construction experience.
  • Can be erected by unskilled labor, using common tools.
  • No heavy equipment required.

Maximum economy

  • Tubular steel frame system = high strength, without the weight, cost and foundation requirements of conventional I-beam systems.
  • Low weight per unit = lower transport costs.
  • Frame design distributes weight evenly = minimal site preparation and foundation requirements.
  • Simple assembly = on-site labor costs minimized or eliminated.
  • Galvanized tubular steel = extreme durability, maintenance free.
  • Frame’s flexible strength = high resistance to repeated punishment (new storms, quakes, etc.).

Project Partnership

LeadershipIn addition to providing emergency and transitional relief shelters, we stand ready to partner with you – lending our expertise to ensure your project’s success. If desired, our participation can include:

  • Site Evaluation & Selection
  • Structural Engineering
  • On-site Installation Management & Training
  • Shipping Logistics – Domestic or International

We would be proud to join you in bringing real help and new hope to those who need it.

For more information or to initiate a project, contact us today:

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