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Terrell, Texas – May 29, 2013

Metal Building Software TXTexas metal building manufacturer, Absolute Steel, announced the launch of a new software program that dramatically improves  service to the company’s do-it-yourselfers, retail customers, dealers, distributors and government purchasers.

The culmination of more than 12 months of dedicated development, the new software is capable of on-demand posting of up-to-the-minute pricing and material lists for any of the company’s metal buildings, carport systems and other steel structures the company manufactures. The system calculates price by tracking and accounting for literally thousands of variables – from overall building dimensions, to exterior paneling colors and finishes, to adjustments for heavy wind or snow load capacities, even down to the tiniest variable such as a change in the price of a screw needed for assembly.

The idea behind the new pricing system is to provide both new and established customers with easy and rapid access to accurate prices. With so many tubular steel building options available, and with material and component prices varying so frequently and widely, rapid and accurate manual price estimation is a difficult proposition, prone to annoying and costly errors.

Internally within the company, the advanced pricing system is also a tremendous help. First, it saves enormous amounts of staff time that would otherwise be spent on price estimates. Just as importantly, it turns out complete and accurate assembly and packing lists of parts and materials, for the firm’s manufacturing and packaging departments.

In addition to private, corporate and government contracts, Absolute Steel Texas also provides steel building kits to home improvement chains. Here again, the new pricing software is a big improvement in terms of speed and economical operation and will be used by retailers to furnish pricing to their customers.

For private dealers, the new program allows them to give clients instant quotes, and easily pull up comparative pricing for different building sizes and options. They’re freed to devote their valuable time and attention to people – not to figuring and estimating.

Absolute Steel founder and CEO, Dean Thomas, remarked: “Response time and accuracy are extremely important in any business. But even more important is working closely with your customers, listening to them, understanding their needs, and giving them choices. We’re very happy with this new tool – it makes it easier than ever to do every one of these things, for every one of our customers.”

About Absolute Steel Texas: Founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Absolute Steel. Located in Terrell, Texas just east of Dallas, the company manufactures steel buildings and other structures for private consumers, as well as governmental and commercial entities.

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