Why Steel for a Home?

You might be wondering why you would want a house or cabin made of steel. What’s the advantage? Is there something wrong with wood?

Rotten Wood

Avoid the extreme maintenance of wood structures. A steel structure is resistant to insects, rot, bad weather, and fire.

Wood works, and it’s been around – but steel framing is vastly superior to conventional construction materials. Here are some points to consider about steel construction, and why we think it’s best for your kit home, guest house or cabin kit:

  • Termites and other pests are no threat to steel frame houses.
  • There’s never a concern about rot, mold and mildew.
  • Extreme fire resistance. In fact, seriously damaging a steel frame, siding or roof would take far higher and longer-lasting temperatures than you’d find in a typical residential fire.  Some insurance companies will offer you a discount on your homeowner’s policy due to the fire resistance of steel.
  • Every component arrives straight and square – and they’ll stay that way regardless of humidity, temperature, etc. No warping. No bowing. No cracking. No splitting. No knots. No chips. No splinters. No sap. No drying out, shrinking or changing shape.
  • Every steel frame component arrives pre-cut to exact measure, ready to assemble. No measuring, no marking, no cutting, no waste, no scraps, no sawdust. Use simple, common tools for the whole assembly of your steel house kit.
  • Our steel frame components slip together easily. Any fastening needed is done using strong, steel self-tapping screws that attach the frame components together. No banging and never a split board. They’re best installed using a “drywall driver,” particularly a DeWalt Model 257 driver (about $89). You can even use a common electric drill to assemble your steel home kit. No hammers, no pneumatic nail guns. All digits intact, including thumbs.
  • Our steel framing is extremely durable, yet has enough “give” to ride out most earthquakes or violent weather without catastrophic damage.