Grocery Store Items For Your Kit

Well, what we’re talking about here is the many items that go into turning a home’s exterior shell into a finished space, ready for move-in. We’ve listed them all out for you, and included estimates of what you can expect to pay for each. We don’t guarantee the accuracy of our lists as prices do change, but you can certainly take our list and check it out for yourself.  But why “grocery store items”?

Cabin kit materials list

Because this merchandise, unlike our frame and exterior system, is available from most any hardware store. In this case, you’d go to the home and builders’ supply store rather than the supermarket.

In fact, at many suppliers, you could even hand over your list and the staff would gather everything up for you, checking off the list as they went. They will probably deliver the whole package to your job site.

Shopping Lists

We’ve broken down the overall finish-your-cabin materials list into sections – one for each of the major parts of the job. Interior framing, for example. Plumbing. Electrical. Heating, cooling and ventilation. Insulation. Sheathing the walls and ceilings. Kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Bathroom cabinets and fixtures. Flooring. Doors and windows. Paint, and so on.

If you’ve decided to hire a contractor to handle a particular phase of your home kit or guest house project, you can turn over the applicable list to prospective contractors, along with the drawings.

Then you’ll get firm prices, with each contractor looking at the same job. That’s the best way to get bids!

Grocery List Example

The below example is exactly that – and example. Your actual list, specific to your structure, will be included with your kit. Click here to see a sample list.

Sample kit home or guest house kit grocery list