Home Sweet Barndominium: 7 Design Ideas for Making a Barn Your Home

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The term “barndominium” might be new to homeowners, but it’s a concept that is quickly catching on. A barndominium is a barn (or better said, a work space) transformed from its traditional use to a livable spot. As with any structure on your property, you can make your barndominium as simple or as elaborate as you wish. If you’re starting …

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Barndominums : Think Outside the Box

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Texas has given the world some pretty great things, and we’re not just talking about the boots and Whataburger. One of our favorite things from Texas are barndominiums, increasingly creeping into American architectural prominence over the last few years. But one reason people keep raising their eyebrows at barndominiums is because their designers really think outside the box for how …

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From the Ground Up: Tips for Building Your Own Garage

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From protecting your vehicle to storing belongings, garages can add a lot of value to your home. In fact, surveys show that 85 percent of buyers prefer properties with garages. Beyond adding to property value, garages provide useful spaces for home workshops, storing holiday decorations, and sheltering your car from the elements. If you’re interested in adding a garage to …

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Texas Barndominiums History : The Many Lives of the Barndominium

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Texas barndominiums have been in use for a long time,and have a rich history. For smaller farms out in rugged country, people once housed their livestock on the ground level of their barn. They then created their home on the second floor. It was done for affordability, convenience, and even for heating reasons. These earlier agricultural families have largely influenced …

Barndominium 101

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In season three of HGTV’s popular series “Fixer-Upper,” one home blew the barn doors off – literally. The “barndominium” was the talk of the season when the owners elected to convert a barn into a stunning five-bedroom family home with the help of Waco designers Magnolia Homes.Since then, people have had their eyes opened to all the potential that comes …