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  • A Testimonial From A Happy Dealer...

    Hi Dean,

    We assembled first Absolute Steel building. When we first started our conversations and insights into your products, I must admit we were a little skeptical, not being able to see a building erected living so far away. We had to make all of our decisions based on photos and correspondence.

    I have been in the steel erection business for almost 30 years and have always had to make some corrections or field fitting on pre-eng buildings.

    After receiving our building packages from your company I was pleasantly surprised to see the care and quality that went into the packaging and labeling of each building, but the true test was yet to come.

    We began by assembling a 20 x 20 standard carport, we did not break out the instructions as it was a very windy day. The assembly went very well, so well that the guy helping me went to get a phone call and when he returned 25 mins later, I had the whole frame together and ready to stand. We completed that building and everyone said that was easy ! I said yes but we are doing a complete building next, then we will see.

    We then erected a complete building and sheeted it in.

    WELL I must say, the entire building went together like your video shows, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY.

    Congratulations to you and your company, it truly has been a pleasure dealing with Absolute Steel. You delivered a product that was the same as shown. A great quality product, professionally delivered from correspondence to order to delivery.

    Keep up the good work, I wish all companies could deliver what they preach!


    Doug Webber
    Scotia Metal Products
    Burnside, NS

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Absolute Steel is an established company that builds a quality metal building designed especially for the Texas market. Our metal buildings are in Europe, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and just about every State in the Union.

Your customers will be receiving the best in the industry when you supply them with a turnkey metal building, steel carport, steel building kit or covered parking system from Absolute Steel.

Our Texas metal building factory in Terrell can produce American made steel into Texas made steel buildings and carports in a timely manner.  Everything we do is designed to deliver “quality on time”.

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  • The most knowledgeable staff in the industry—our wholesale support staff thoroughly knows our products.  Not one of them has less than five years experience with Absolute Steel products.
  • Complete engineering services for your customers who are obtaining permits.
  • Seamless jobsite delivery to most any location in Texas.
  • Proven promotional materials.
  • The best prices in the industry with the best steel building system in the industry.
  • We have years of standing behind our products and we have a great lead generation system.

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