Metal Building Styles & Types

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Mohave Series Building:

The Mohave has the classic profiles of traditional steel buildings except to make it more economical, its wall panels run horizontally.  This eliminates the need for some steel framing on the walls but does not affect its engineering capabilities.

Structurally, engineers consider it just as sturdy as the Sierra model and it has met engineering requirements in all 48 contiguous states. If you are looking for a traditional metal building look at the best possible price, then the Mohave series should be considered.

Mohave Metal Building

The Mohave metal building style


Sonoran Metal Building:

Our Sonoran style is the least expensive of all our Texas steel buildings. We call it the Sonoran (after the Sonoran desert) because we feel it is best suited for dry climates as the roof panels run horizontally, thereby interrupting some of the water flow off the roof causing little bits of it to “hang up” on the horizontal ridges of the panels. While we’ve not had them leak if properly installed, we suggest they not be installed in any climate experiencing much snow as the ridges do prohibit run off which can cause some snow build up over prolonged periods of winter weather.

Sonoran metal building

Sonoran Building used as a garage

Sierra Series Building:

The Sierra is your classic metal building with the wall panels running vertically just like the roof panels. The Sierra features the Stand Alone frame system which means if you are considering an exterior different from metal panels this would be the frame system best suited for that.  Customers who have bought this frame system have finished the exteriors in all sorts of different finishes:  OSB & stucco, brick, barn wood and wood shingles just to name a few. And it looks great just like it’s normally sold–with painted metal panels!

Sierra commercial metal building

A Sierra metal building in a commercial application

Sierra metal building

A Sierra metal building used as a poolside retreat

Sierra Building

Teton Series Building:

The Teton’s unique exterior panels are designed to look like wood shiplap siding. The panels and the Teton's distinctive 12” eave overhang look great in a residential setting. Fact is, unless you’re up close you wouldn’t even know the Teton is a steel building. The frame system is much like the Mohave because the Teton's panels run horizontally. It has no purlins in the roof because the panels attach directly to the main frame members (rafters). Unfortunately it is not as inexpensive as the Mohave due to its heavy gauge panels and unique frame/trim pieces used to achieve the 12’ soffit overhang.

Teton Metal Garage

A Teton metal building used as a residential garage

Teton metal building

A Teton metal building used as a residential building

Alpine Metal Building:

The Alpine’s steep roof lines (6/12 roof pitch) make it the natural metal building for the high country where you want the roof to shed snow as quickly as possible—that is the reason for high pitched roofs in snow country. The wall panels can be applied horizontally or vertically. Indeed, the roof panels can be applied either way but we would recommend a vertical application of the roof on this steel building to allow for easy shedding of water or snow. An extra bonus—the Alpine offers some light weight storage solutions up on a second deck (optional—not included in the standard quote) which is a handy feature.

Alpine Metal Building

Alpine metal building

Gambrel Metal Building:

The gambrel is sometimes called the Dutch Gambrel or Dutch Hip. The gambrel metal building has a symmetrical two sided roof with slopes on both sides. The upper slope is positioned at less of a pitch or angle than the lower one. Doing this provides all the advantages of a sloped roof while maximizing head room which is what it was designed to do.  So while this upper space is handy to have, quotes on our website do not reflect any of the steel framing used to create that upper deck.

Gambrel Barn

Gambrel Barn

Gambrel Barn Metal Building

Metal Gambrel Barn Building

Combo Metal Building:

As its name implies, the Combo is part steel carport, part steel building. The result is a very practical metal building that gives shelter and storage at a price that’s hard to beat. The storage area can be located on the side or at the end depending upon your preferences. Side and roof panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically. If you’re considering a side combo, seriously consider having the storage access at either end so that whatever you have under carport doesn’t hinder access to the storage area when it’s parked.

Metal Building Combo

Metal building with end combo

Metal building with side combo

Metal building with side combo

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