Steel Building Engineered System

Our base is in the Phoenix, Arizona area, our home state. In 1952, Phoenix had a population of about 175,000. It’s now over 4 million in the metro area. And that happened in many areas of the western U.S.

So we know what an invasion is and the government growth that comes along with it. Since much of our Phoenix operations service the West Coast and the West Mountain states, we deal with lots of building departments and plan reviewers all the time.

Absolute Steel has always fabricated an engineered metal building system. If you’re required to get a permit, engineered drawings with all structural calculations can be supplied for an extra fee. Where most of our market is, that’s what it takes to build metal buildings on private property. Even when not getting a permit, and therefore not needing engineered plans, many customers specify the Engineered System. The Armed Services buy nothing but the Engineered System.

You don’t have to order engineering to buy the Engineered System.  We can tell you what the concrete foundation plan would be as if you ordered engineering.  There is a difference in the Classic and the Engineered systems—that’s what you’re paying for. It’s called steel and labor and we design it to meet or exceed your building department’s engineering criteria.

Here’s some of the structural differences you’ll see:

  • Any carports exceeding 20’ in width will require standard truss braces. After 24’ it would have our Tri-Truss.
  • After 30’ in width or 12.5 high eave walls, it would move from a 2” x 3” main frame to a 2” x 4” main frame. With that main frame system, we can clear span 45’ and have sidewalls up to 16.5 feet high.
  • Eaveside rollup door openings/headers are almost always double 2x3 beams welded together, sometimes triple depending upon the door width.

The choice between the Classic and the Engineered is up to you. Our job is to give you the facts and let you make up your own mind.


Why the Engineered System is the Best
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Note: If you live in most any incorporated town or city anywhere in Texas and are required to get a permit, you should consider the Engineered System.

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