Texas Commercial Carports :
Semi-Cantilever Style

Commercial Carports - Semi CantileverThe design of commercial carports in the semi-cantilever style is founded on engineering’s principle of the cantilever. Stresses in this design are more evenly distributed than in a full-cantilever structure. This means the same overhead protection at lower cost to you.

Texas Commercial Carports: Support for Your Project

A commercial carport project can be a considerable undertaking. Absolute Steel Texas is ready to collaborate at each step, from site planning to engineering, permitting to installation and finishing. Give our experts a call – we’ll work with you to make the job a smooth one.


We provide plans and engineering for your structures at a competitive rate, stamped by a licensed engineer and ready for submission to your local building authorities.


Though Absolute Steel Texas supplies your commercial carport materials, installation should be done by contractors you retain. We have put together a cost estimation table (here) for you to use in planning, and review of contractor bids. If you wish, we will also work with you on contractor selection.

Commercial carport semi-cantilever framePAINT AND FINISHING

In most cases, color choice is an important part of a commercial carport project, and the range of colors on the market is wide. So as not to limit your color options, our semi-cantilever carport frames are delivered in bare steel, ready for priming and painting once erected. Steel roofing panels come pre-coated in a wide variety of colors.

WHY ABSOLUTE STEEL TEXAS? Absolute Steel Texas addresses your commercial parking structure requirements with integrity, and years of experience. In serving a long list of customers, from individuals to the State of Texas, to other local, state and national governments, we have earned a sound reputation for quality, service, and reliability. We’re proud of our record, and look forward to showing you just how well-deserved it is. Contact us today.

Texas commercial carport semi cantilever system

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