Texas Commercial Carports :
T-Frame Style

Texas Commercial Carports - T Frame DesignOur T-frame style commercial carport features full overhead coverage reaching out from both sides of its center support columns. Taking best advantage of engineering’s cantilever principle, it is the most efficient design for big expanses of outdoor parking. This style offers the best vehicle access, with the lowest interference from support columns.

Texas Commercial Carports: Support for Your Project

Any commercial carport project includes a series of stages and steps. At Absolute Steel Texas, we don’t just deliver your materials and say adios. We’re ready to partner with you at every step. Site planning, foundation and structure design and engineering, documentation and permitting, choosing a contractor, and final installation. Call on our team of experts at any point in your project – we’ll be happy to collaborate with you to make the job as simple and smooth as possible.


We provide plans and engineering for your structures at a competitive rate, stamped by a licensed engineer and suitable for submission to your local building authority.


Absolute Steel Texas provides the materials for our commercial parking structures. Installation should be by contractors of your choosing. We’ve assembled a cost estimates table for you, to use in planning and calling for contractor bids; you’ll find it here. We’re also happy to consult with you on choosing a contractor, if you wish.


In most cases, color choice is an important part of a commercial carport project, and the range of colors on the market is wide. So as not to limit your color options, our T-cantilever carports arrive are shipped in bare steel, ready for priming and painting once installed. Steel roofing for all our commercial carport designs comes pre-coated in a wide variety of colors.


Absolute Steel Texas addresses your commercial parking structure requirements with integrity, and years of experience. In serving a long list of customers, from individuals to the State of Texas, to other local, state and national governments, we have earned a sound reputation for quality, service, and reliability. We’re proud of our record, and look forward to showing you just how well-deserved it is. Contact us today.

TX commercial carport t cantilever

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