Steel Carport & RV Cover Anchoring

There are a few ways to anchor your Texas steel carport or RV cover frame system. The primary difference is whether you intend to anchor it to the ground or to concrete.


(Engineering Available) Anchor our Z clip into the concrete so that it can be affixed to the base rail with 2—3/8ths x 33/4” concrete expansion anchors for each Z clip.

The above applies to concrete slabs or runner footers.

Steel carport frame anchored to concrete slab footing
Steel carport frame anchored to concrete slab footing


(Engineering Not Available) For years these structures have been anchored to the ground by doing nothing more than pounding the 30” ground anchor into the earth. It’s still being done this way with most ground mounts throughout Texas. Personally we would take the extra time (or money in the case of an professional install) to put the corners in concrete caissons as described below and if it was longer, we suggest putting one or two of those in-between the corners.

(Engineering Available) Beside each vertical upright, you would drill a hole 30” deep by 10” around. You would lay your attached base rails on the ground so that the anchor attached to the base rail goes into the hole. Fill with posthole concrete.

Concrete Caissons

(Engineering Available) You can use a ground anchor called a Manta Ray or MR-68 ground anchor. It’s a duckbilled clamp (opens when you tighten it up on the base rail) and is attached to a 36” 3/8ths all thread bolt. One then places a driving rod into the other hole which is on top of the ground anchor. You then drive this rod (with sledge or jackhammer) which pushes the MR-68 into the ground. Leave about 6 inches of the all thread bolt above ground. Now take a washer and nut and tighten up the all thread bolt that you’ve put through one of the holes in the Z bracket.

MR 68 Ground Clamps
Installation Pictures of MR-68
Installation Pictures of MR-68
Drawing of MR 68


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